Week 1: Overcomer - 1 Samuel 17

Week 2: Overcoming Weakness with Strength

Week 3: Overcoming Falsehood with Truth

Week 4: Overcoming Evil with Good

Week 5: Overcoming Anxiety with Peace

Week 6: Overcoming Fear with Faith

Week 7: Overcoming Confusion with Wisdom

Week 8: Overcoming Temptation with Scripture

Week 9: Overcoming Everything with Prayer

Week 10: Overcoming Death with Life


Human history is the long story of individuals and nations trying to overcome one another. Wars are the most obvious example. But in the first century AD, the era of the New Testament, a different king of overcoming was introduced: spiritual overcoming. The battlefield changed from plains and fields to the human mind and heart. And the weapons changed from swords and arrows to spiritual realities like truth, righteousness, peace, faith, salvation, and Word of God—all encompassed by the provisional and protective conduit of prayer. In this Overcomer study, David Jeremiah uses Paul’s description of spiritual armor as an outline for exploring the Christian’s call to be an overcomer. This is not a technical description of Roman armor, but an applicational study of what it means to stand firm and overcome sin, the world, and the devil. In Christ, the believer has everything necessary to live victorious, overcoming life. When we “put on” Christ, we are putting on all the spiritual armor we need.